Pond Plant Media

Pond Plant Media

by Mandy Anders

Pond plants should be periodically repotted to ensure proper growth. Plants can become root-bound, stunted, or malnourished if not divided and potted. Aquarium stocks two excellent choices for potting pond plants. Both of these soils are heavy, so they will not float in pond water, and do not contain excessive amounts of fertilizer that could cause unsightly algae blooms. Both soils are non-toxic to pond inhabitants. Each soil has it own unique benefits, so choose the one appropriate for your individual needs.

Water Gardening Soil is a heavy, clay based, fine soil ideal for growing any type of pond. Hoffman’s is available in 20 lb bags. Plants root easily in this silty, rich soil. Hoffman’s is the ideal choice for planting lilies and lotus in large solid bottom pots like Laguna Plastic Lily Tub. Hoffman’s can also be used to pot marginal and bog type plants in Laguna Pond Planting Bags.

When using Hoffman’s with mesh pots, line the pots with polypadding to prevent the fine soil from falling through the mesh holes. A layer of pea gravel and larger stones at the top of the pot will help prevent koi from rooting around the pot and stirring the soil into the water column.

Microbe-Lift’s Aquatic Planting Media is a kiln-fired soil substitute that contains no algae-promoting nutrients or pesticides. It is available in 10 and 20 lb bags. This media is suitable for all types of pond plants and will sink if koi dig it out of pots. Microbe Lift’s Aquatic Planting media is a good choice to use for Laguna’s Pond Plant Baskets and can also be used with other pond pots. Always remember to add fertilizer tabs monthly to pots in order to promote growth and blossoms.

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