Water Conditioners: Part 3 of 3: Additional Benefits

Excellent water conditioners perform functions beyond dechlorination. Aqualife Complete and Prime help in emergency situations by removing excess ammonia and detoxifying nitrite. Nitrite attaches to the gill filaments of fish and prevents oxygen absorption. Aquarium salt, like API Aquarium Salt also helps with nitrite poisoning and can be used in conjunction with either of these water conditioners if necessary. Prime stimulates the production of slime coat in fish, and Aqualife contains a slime coat supplement. Both can be used when introducing new fish to help replace slime coat damaged by the handling and netting of fish. Since the fish’s slime coat is its first layer of defense against disease, using a product to help replace the damaged slime coat will help to prevent infection. Aqualife also helps reduce fish stress.

Water conditioners also assist with problems from non-municipal water sources. Well water or spring water can contain heavy metal contaminants. Heavy metals like lead are just as toxic to fish as they are to humans.

These contaminants are even more toxic to many invertebrates.

Aqualife Complete and Alpha by Seachem both detoxify heavy metals. Aqualife Complete is a useful additive for R/O water as well. R/O units do not remove chloramines, so water from municipalities must be treated for their removal before utilization in aquariums and ponds. Aqualife Complete also adds some trace minerals necessary for fresh water fish as well as slightly raising alkalinity to prevent pH swings. Both of these attributes are very helpful when using R/O water for a freshwater aquarium. Water conditioners such as Aqualife Complete and Prime are useful in the successful maintenance of all types of aquariums. Buy only the best!


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