Tennessee Water Gardens Inc. Warranty Policy

Mr. Aqua Rimless Aquariums:

All Mr. Aqua rimless aquariums will be covered by a craftsmanship only, 1 year warranty. Meaning any issues that should warrant the return or replacement of a Mr. Aqua rimless aquarium will only be covered for a term of up to 1 year from date of purchase, if there is some defect or damage that originates from the production of the product. The warranty will not cover any damage resulting from any aquarium that has been physically altered, such as drilling, exposure to temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or addition of other equipment that are placed on or against the glass. Also, this warranty will not be covered if the proper surface is not provided for the aquarium to rest upon. The proper surface will be level, flush, free of any debris, and a closed foam mat will be under the aquarium to protect it from the surface it rests on.
The guidelines for the proper surface for placement of the aquarium shall fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • The surface the tank rests on shall be perfectly flush along the entire surface of the bottom of the aquarium, with no areas of separation from the surface of the glass to the surface of the area the aquarium rests upon.
  • The surface on which the aquarium rests shall be completely level.
  • The surface shall not have any physical dips or debris that may cause pressure points on the glass.
  • The aquarium must be placed on a closed foam mat that is at least 0.25” thick, and it must cover the entire surface of the bottom of the aquarium.

If any of these requirements are not found to be met then the aquarium shall not be covered under the warranty, and no replacement or refund shall be granted.

AZOO Titanium Heaters:

All AZOO titanium heaters shall be covered by a one year limited warranty against any damage to the product caused by any faulty craftsmanship with the heater itself. All heaters must have been completely submerged in water while in use. Any heater where the element has been exposed to the air at time of use and damaged, or damaging anything other than the heater will not be covered.


All lighting shall be covered by a one year limited warranty against any damage to the product caused by any faulty craftsmanship with the heater itself or non-operating parts or pieces. Any other objects or flammable materials placed against the light fixture will void any warranty. The lighting is not water proof, any damage found to be cause by water will not be covered and the care and protection of the light fixture from fluids is the sole responsibility of the owner. The warranty does not cover any issues caused by electrical problems that originate from any source outside of the product itself.

CO2 Diffusers:

All CO2 diffusers or atomizers are covered under a 6 month limited warranty. To be eligible for warranty coverage the ceramic disk, tube, or surfaces otherwise shall have been soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before use and shall not have been subjected to higher pressures than otherwise specified by the products specifications themselves.