ALSS Aquarium Salt

aquaLife Aquarium Salt

by Mandy Anders

Aquarium Life Support Systems has added Aquarium Salt for freshwater to its line of growing line of salt products which includes One Sea Salt for saltwater aquariums and Pond Salt for ponds and water gardens. Salt benefits freshwater organisms in multiple ways, including electrolyte replenishment, nitrite poisoning prevention, stress reduction, and disease prevention. Aquarium Life Support System’s Aquarium Salt is available in a recloseble 2.27lb container.

Treat one tablespoon per every five gallons of aquarium water. This and other regular aquarium salts are composed of sodium chloride, which can be toxic to live plants at high doses. For a brackish water tank, use Seachem’s Brackish Salt instead.

Remember, salts do not evaporate from water, so only add new salt dosages after water changes and only for the amount of water removed.

For more information about salt for aquariums and ponds:

Salt Application in Aquariums and Ponds

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