Night-Bloomong Water Lilies

Night-Bloomong Water Lilies

Chris Deer

If you are like many Americans today, you get up early, leave for work and come home just before dark. If this is the case and you have a pond with water lilies, you likely only see the colorful lily blooms open on weekends or if you have a day off!

If you want to enjoy the beauty of water lilies even at night, then consider adding one of the exotic night-blooming water lilies to your pond. The flowers raise high above the water on strong stems. As the sun goes down, these flowers burst open and remain open until about 8am in the morning.

Night-blooming lilies are available in white, bright pink and even deep red color. These plants emerge later in the season (usually around late April and begin blooming by mid-May until the cold weather comes knocking.

Nightbloomers are more sensitive to our winter temperatures and should be brought in when they are dormant to prevent them from being killed. They are a little more work in that respect but they are certainly worth saving! We sell out of night-blooming lilies every season so if you plan on adding any, get them early!

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