27. Finishing Your Pond: Final Touches

All of the hard work has paid off by finishing your pond! You are finally able to enjoy your water garden. Whether it have plants or livestock or both, maintaining all of the hard work that you have put in to finishing it is equally important. Lighting and statuary add interest and drama to an otherwise plain water garden. Other products ward off predators that can injure fish and damage expensive lilies and other plants. Below is a list of products that we recommend to keep your pond free from debris, leaves, and predators. By investing in pond tools such as these, your pond is likely to have a very long and beautiful life.

Nets and Netting

•  Pond Netting

Pond and Garden Protector By Atlantic
The Pond and Garden Protector makes an ideal instant line of defense against many types of predators including osprey, hawks, herons, egrets, kingfishers and raccoons. Once assembled it can easily be moved by one person, handy for immediate deployment or easy access to your water feature.
• Elevated net keeps put leaves and other windblown debris
• Protects fish from heron and other predators
• Helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic waste

Nylon base, center receptor, 4 fibre glass poles, 4 12′ tie-downs, 4ground stakes, 12 net stakes, and 8 net clips

ATL189 Pond and Garden Protector Large
Net size: 20′ x 20′
Assembled size: 9′ x 12′ x 2-1/2′

ATL188 Pond and Garden Protector Small
Net size: 15′ x 20′
Assembled size: 7′ x 9′ x 2′

Atlantic Pond Netting
• Pond nets keep out leaves and other wind blown debris for a clean pond in the fall and spring.
• Durable poly netting is UV-resistant for extended lifespan
• Physical barrier also protects fish from heron and other predators
• Netting your pond reduces organic wastes that can fuel algae growth and reduce oxygen levels
• 1/2 in x 1/2 in openings keep out smaller wind blown debris

Pond Nets
When finishing your pond, strong aluminum nets for handling Koi and goldfish are an important addition to your tools. Longer handles facilitate capture. Unique construction eliminates abuse from rocks and other potentially harmful objects in the pond. The 1/8″ nylon netting is knotless and is gentle on scales and eyes. These quality nets range in net size from 9×6″ to 16×15″ with handles from 3′ to telescoping models to 12′. Made in the USA.

OASE Pond Net

The Oase PondNet is the ultimate pond helper for removing unwanted sludge and debris from your water garden. The lightweight, multi-purpose design of the PondNet allows you to skim quickly through the water making this tool ideal for collecting fish for inspection or transfer. It features a strong nylon mesh net and a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame, which protect the pond liner and fish. The telescopic handle extends up to 5.2 ft. to reach distant areas of your pond and collapses to 3.9 ft. for easy storage once you’re finished cleaning. This skimming pond and fish net is the must-have instrument for pond maintenance! Having the tools you need is an important part in finishing your pond!
OA163 OASE Pond Net

Lighting for Finishing Your Pond

For the discriminating homeowner, night lighting adds interest and drama to ponds and water features. For finishing your pond, we offer a range of high quality, low voltage night lighting and accessories to extend the beauty and enjoyment of your water garden. Atlantic lighting products create a magical nightscape that livens up your home and property even at night!

Atlantic Color Changing Submersible Pond Light
▪ Atlantic’s Pond light kits come with everything needed to illuminate waterscapes and the surrounding landscape.
▪ Durable high-impact housing and replaceable diode assembly for long service life.
▪ Light sensor turns lights on at dusk, and off after 6 hours. Built in memory allows the timer to repeat that light schedule even if the photo cell is covered with plants or debris.
▪ Color Changing Pond Lights include single-zone InfiColor Module that works with the mobile app to unlock the full potential of color changing lights.
ATL174 Color Changing Submersible Pond Light, single
ATL193 Color Changing Submersible Pond Light, set of 3

Great lighting is everything when it comes to finishing your pond. It can change a party to the event of the year and a pond to the focal point and envy of all. From transformers and fixtures, to bulbs, OASE pond lighting products help you add unique beauty and distinction to your home and gardens.

These six pond lights are not just for dry land, they function in your pond. Completely waterproof, these lights are compact and easy to integrate into any size pond or garden. Its underwater connective technology provides ample light – the LunaLED Mini Pond Lights are a 6-unit series circuit and include a 12-volt transformer with a 12 ft. cord. An automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor does the work for you. The set illuminates fountains, ponds, pond landscapes, gardens and terraces.
OA168 OASE LunaLed Mini Pond Lights, Set of 6

The Oase LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light will bring the party to your pond! The design of the light set allows for use in or out of the water – providing increased flexibility and drama. It is compact – ensuring discretion and easy integration into any garden or pond design. The automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor ensures ease of use and instant curb appeal. Use it to illuminate fountains, ponds, pond landscapes, gardens and terraces. Once positioned, the LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light boasts an adjustable head for increased applications and a 4 ft. cord.
OA169 Oase LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light

Oase LunaLED Pond and Landscape Lights Set 3 will cast a beautiful glow on your outdoor water feature and garden! Begin with LunaLED’s classic and subtle white light. Then mix it up – never set the same lighting arrangement twice – raging red, daring blue, calming yellow and soothing green (or combine them all!). Illuminate fountains, ponds, pond landscapes, gardens and terraces – whatever suits your mood. Once positioned, the LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light Set 3 includes a 4 ft. cord and boasts an adjustable head for increased applications. The weighted bases ensure positioning even in adverse weather and pond conditions. Low energy consumption – just 12 volts – makes it appealing to the energy conscious.
OA170 Oase LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light, Set of 3

The Oase LunAqua Classic LED Set 3 combines function and fun – providing impactful and focused lighting that will enhance your pond or water feature and ensure it remains – night or day – the focal point of your outdoor space. With only 1 volt of power consumption (multi LED per bulb) per bulb, it’s energy efficiency is for the environmentally conscientious. The LunAqua Classic LED Set 3 also comes with a 12-volt transformer and splitter. It requires minimal maintenance and promises fast and easy installation. 2 year warranty
OA171 OASE LunAqua Classic LED, 3 pc set

Ponds and water features create ambient environments that create sensory appeal and impart feelings of tranquility and serenity in onlookers. Our line of spitting figures adds interest and personality to work toward finishing your pond. All our statuary can be operated off the main pump or by smaller individual pumps hidden in rock or the landscape. Many beautiful pieces to chose from in a range of materials from stone, resin and brass.

Hagen Laguna Floating Pond De-icers prevent small area of pond surface from freezing over. Ideal for 50-600 gallon ponds. Automatic operation activates at water temperatures between 32 and 35 degrees F. Enclosed heating element for safety. Two models: 315watt and 500 watt.

Atlantic’s Pond De-icer saves energy by cycling on and off, maintaining an internal temperature of 200 degrees even in the worst conditions. Pond de-icers allow oxygen to diffuse into the pond water otherwise sealed off by ice, while toxic carbon dioxide and methane from decomposing organics diffuse out. Constructed of high strength and high temperature PPS polymer for incredible durability under the most adverse conditions.
Volts: 12
Watts: 300
Cord: 20 feet
Dimensions (inches): 8 x 4
Warranty: 1 year
ATL175 Pond De-Icer

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