9. Choosing A Pond Pump

Moving water is one of the most appealing aspects of pond keeping. Selecting the right pump for the job is an important step in having a successful pond. Most people add more and more features, such as filters, fountains and/or waterfalls, over time making adequate pumping an important issue. Choosing a pond pump is an important part of water gardening as it is the life blood of the pond, so this is not the place to cut costs. Pumps are under a heavy work load and must operate constantly and reliably 24 hours a day throughout the spring, summer and fall. Pumps that are too small for the job will clog more frequently, operate inefficiently, and eventually fail. A pump failure can be devastating to the animal life in the pond.

When choosing a pond pump, take into account the functions it will perform. Pumps vary widely in type, size, and purpose. Fountains or still, quiet, unfiltered pools benefit from water movement by small pumps to inhibit the growth of string algae and to break the surface for oxygen exchange. Larger pumps are required to power waterfalls, filters, and fountains, and it is important to select the best pump for the job. The choice can be made to power water features with an individual pump for each feature or a single, larger pump can be chosen to power all the features in a pond. Oase are good, reliable pumps and are available in sizes for every application.

Choosing a Pond Pump: External or Internal?

Two types of pumps are commonly used for water gardens: internal or external. Internal pumps are placed on the bottom of the pond and are connected from there to filters, waterfalls, and fountains. Internal pumps require protection from the debris that accumulates on the pond bottom. Placing the pump in a potting container filled with fibrous material to catch debris is a quick and inexpensive measure to extend the life of the pump. Some pumps can handle larger debris, but still will perform better over a longer period of time with some protection.

External pumps are situated outside the pond in some kind of protective housing and are connected from there to filters, waterfalls, and fountains. Like internal pumps, externals should be protected from debris entering the pump. An Aquarium Life Support Systems Intake Screen is an excellent pre-filter for larger internal and external pumps. Combinations of internal and external pumps for different functions are perfectly acceptable. Most pumps, whether internal or external, must not be run dry to avoid permanent damage to the motor. Oase and other pumps do have thermal shutoffs to protect them.

Factors to Consider When Selecting A Pump

Head Pressure

Head pressure, the manufacturer’s rating of flow at a given height or elevation and maximum pumping height, must be considered when deciding on a pump. Flow rate reported by manufacturers is the maximum, no-load flow rate for the pump. Filters, fountain heads, waterfalls, plumbing, and pipe and intake distance from the pond, combined with the maximum pumping elevation, determine a pump’s final output.

• Amperage or wattage – the lower the amps the lower the operating costs
• Maximum Cut Off or Shut Off-the highest elevation the pump can reach
• GPH gallons per hour of flow
• GPM gallons per minute of flow

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

A pump failure can be deadly to livestock. Periodic checks and following manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations helps prevent these disasters. Additionally, impellers do wear out. Many pumps have replaceable impellers or replaceable parts.

Below you will find OASE pumps with specific details about each pump. With multiple options, choosing a pond pump should not feel like a chore. You will also see the model numbers available that correspond with their GPH, making it easy for you to find the pump that you need to suit your needs. 

Oase Fountain Pumps

• For statuary, spitters sand fountains
• Energy-efficient, low energy consumption
• Quiet and ideal for continuous operation
• Compact design with smaller cord plug size for easier setup
• Easily fine-tune the flow rate and pumping height
• Grounding Plate: added measure of protection that exceeds all electrical safety standards
• Suction cups featured on the bottom of the pump for stabilization

Oase Pond Pump

OASE Pond Pumps are quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient water movement in multiple pond zones. They create water circulation throughout the pond, enabling aeration that nurtures beautiful water gardens and healthy aquatic life. They guard against algae growth and mosquito reproduction by creating movement of the water throughout the pond. Adjustable flow controls enable flexibility over the flow rate, creating the perfect amount of aeration. Pond Pump design allows for quick and easy access to all moving parts. The pond pump is energy efficient, and its smaller power cord plug size allows for easy setup. Power cable length is 20 feet on all models. A grounding plate ensures that any electrical leakage from the pond’s power source exits the pond through the grounding wire. This added measure of protection exceeds all electric safety standards. The filter intake surface is 15 cm2. Hose connection and outlet size on all models is 3/4 in. (19mm). The coarse debris displacement maximum is .08 inches (2mm). Epoxy encapsulation allows for full submergence.

  • Efficient water movement in multiple pond zones
  • Energy-efficient, low energy consumption
  • Smaller power cord plug size for easier setup
  • Grounding plate added measure of protection that exceeds all electrical safety standards
  • Epoxy encapsulated, fully submersible
  • Ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Robust pre-filter removes coarse debris particles up to 3 mm in size
  • Easy maintenance allows simple and quick access to all moving parts

    OASE Pond Pump 280 GPH

Atlantic Tidalwave TT-Series Pumps

• Asynchronous Pumps combing the efficiency of Magnetic Induction with the power of Direct Drive geometry, keeping operating and ownerships costs to a minimum.
• Atlantic TT-Series pump more water for less watts, making them the ideal pump choice for water gardens and continuously operated water features.
• Compact design fits the tightest pump chambers, perfect for vertical, and multiple pump operations.
• Excellent resistance to fouling in hard water environments and simple maintenance keeps pumps running in adverse conditions.
• Ribs and large openings in pre-filter and handle provide tremendous surface area for greater clog resistance, decreasing upkeep and increasing pump life.
• Not recommended for salt water use
Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 1500 GPH
Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 2000 GPH

Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 3000 GPH
Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 4000 GPH
Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 5000 GPH

Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 6000 GPH
Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 7500 GPH
Tidalwave TT-Series Pump 9000 GPH

Atlantic MD-Series Pumps

• Magnetic Induction pumps provide years of service in the demanding conditions of smaller ponds, waterfalls and fountains.
• Atlantic MD-Series pumps feature better flows at higher heads, a longer warranty, and are easier to service.
• Male threads on both inlet and outlet are less restrictive for higher flow.
• Volute rotates to accommodate any pump orientation.
• A quarter-turn of the volute accesses the impeller assemble for easy periodic cleaning.
• Oversized ceramic shaft resists wear better than steel, for longer service life.
• Impeller assembly replaces quickly and easily to keep pump running for years.
• Large, stable base for anchoring pumps may be removed in tight applications.
• Removable pre filter provides integrated filtration, reduces internal wear and extends impeller life.
• Included outlet fittings are tapered to fit a wide array of tubing types and sizes.
MD_Series 250gph
MD_Series 350gph

MD_Series 550gph
MD_Series 750gph
MD_Series 1000gph

MD_Series 1250gph
MD_Series 1500gph

Oase Waterfall Pumps

Oase Waterfall Pumps
Large Oase Waterfall Pumps
  • Quiet, energy-efficient Waterfall Pump 6600 saves power and money while operating waterfalls up to 26.5 ft.
  • Uncompromisingly reliable with high cleaning force, Waterfall Pump series allow large debris up to 1/6 in. to flow out of the discharge and finer particles to flow out of the rear of the pump ensuring that the shafts and bearings are being continuously cleaned.
  • Grounding plate provides unparalleled protection against electrical hazards in your pond.
  • Waterfall Pump series has a 20 ft. power cord with a smaller plug size so pumps can be placed discretely throughout a pond or water feature.
  • The Waterfall Pump 6600 and 8000 feature inline capabilities so the pump to be set up submerged or dry and a threaded hose adaptor for different hose sizes (only 6600-8000).
  • 2 year warranty + 1 with online registration

    OASE Waterfall Pump 6600 GPH
    OASE Waterfall Pump 8000 GPH

Oase AquaMax Eco Classic

OASE AquaMax Eco Premium

  • Energy-efficient, low energy consumption
  • Patented frost protection down to -4 degrees F/ -20 degrees C
  • Grounding Plate
  • Can be easily installed in an inline application using the included mounting bracket
  • Environmental Function Control (EFC); Automatic shut off if dry run or blockage occurs, prevents the pump from damage
  • Solids handling: the large-surface, wrap-around strainer allows coarse debris particles up to 7/16 inch to pass through
  • Adjustable 2nd inlet: Second inlet allows for connection of a satellite filter or surface skimmer
  • sch40 union adapter: In addition to traditional barbs, AquaMax Eco Premium pumps come with schedule 40 glue fittings that work with both 2” and 1-1/2” flexible and rigid PVC, along with pivoting adapter for easy installation
  • Regulator: The sliding function allows adjustment of skimmer or satellite filter capacity in 4 steps from 0-100%

    AquaMax Eco Premium 2000 GPH Pond Pump
    AquaMax Eco Premium 3000 GPH Pond Pump
    AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 GPH Pond Pump

Oase Profimax

Breathtaking waterfall displays garner attention from admirers–and the size of the waterfall is often proportionate to the reaction. Large installations pack visual impact, but require different elements to ensure smooth operations and low maintenance. The top-performing Profimax 7000 is a premium pond and waterfall pump for large installations. It’s excellent flow rates make it well suited for large watercourses and waterfalls. It features a stainless steel intake screen designed to filter coarse debris particles up to 3/8″ (9.5mm). Mounting holes permit fixed installation on the pond floor, and its ergonomic handle design allows for easy transport and installation. The pumps robust design and construction allows for use in harsh seasonal conditions, in either wet or dry environments. Safety features include a grounding plate that provides protection against electrical hazards. The Profimax 7000 is known for long service life, even when it is run at high capacities, and is frost proof to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Excellent flow rates for sophisticated filter systems or large watercourses and waterfalls
  • Long service life particularly at high capacities
  • Grounding plate
  • Safely endures any seasonal conditions
  • Inline capability
  • 2 in. side outlet for easy installation
  • Patented from protection to -4 degrees F: Designed to safely endure any seasonal conditions. Winter safe and capable of being left in a pond that is completely frozen over.
  • Intake Screen: Robust stainless steel intake screen displaces coarse debris particles up to 3/8 inch in size with no problem
  • Ergonomic handle: Aligned with the pump’s center of gravity to facilitate easy transport and installation
  • Compact removable base: Integrated mounting holes in the base enable fixed installation on the pond floor. Can also be removed for compact installations.

    OASE ProfiMax 7000 GPH Pond and Waterfall Pump

Plumbing Pumps with Other Watergarden Equipment

The diagrams below illustrate plumbing layouts for maximum performance of each feature.

It is always best to use larger plumbing to and from the pump than is required. Avoid 90-degree turns as much as possible, opting instead for sweeping spa hose (flexible PVC) or vinyl tubing. For very large water features, when both flow and energy efficiency are considerations, external pumps should be used. Dolphin makes superior external pumps for water garden use.  

Plumbing an external filter with a UV sterilizer
Plumbing an external filter with a UV sterilizer and an additional pressurized filter

The diagrams above illustrate the filter and pump placement for high rate waterfalls and optimal pump configuration for maximum energy efficiency. Ponds powered by dual pumps assure redundancy and maximum efficiency. The pump not powering the filter can be turned off at night with a timer to save electricity. Increased oxygenation is assured during the day, when oxygen demands are greatest, with both pumps running.

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