Pond Plants 7: Lotus

Pond Plants 7: Lotus by Mandy Anders The ornamental lotus are typically hybrids of the North American native Nelumbo lutea and the sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, of Asia. These plants are hardy in East Tennessee and overwinter with ease. The lotus is the definitive star attraction of water garden plants. Large-leaved with showy, fragrant flowers, […]

Pond Plants 5: Oxygenating Plants

Pond Plants 5: Oxygenating Plants by Mandy Anders Plants release oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Oxygen releases through microscopic openings called stoma. The majority of stoma are located primarily in leaf surfaces (although to a lesser degree they are present in stems as well). For pond plants, this means that submerged leaves produce oxygen […]

Bog Filters

Bog Filters Mandy Anders Bog filters provide exceptional natural filtration for ponds. Bogs trap debris and nutrients for plant growth, provide additional surface area for nitrifying bacteria growth, and add beauty to ponds. Plants in the bog filter consume nitrates and phosphates from fish waste, preventing these nutrients from being used by nuisance algae. Pruning […]

Hydra Aquatics Battery Powered Air Pumps

Hydra Aquatics Battery Powered Air Pumps Product Review Product Review – The storms last week brought back memories of last year’s extended power outages. We had 12 battery powered air pumps on the shelf, and they were all gone within 10 minutes of opening the store after one stormy night! I strongly suggest that anyone […]