Nitrates. How much is too much!

Nitrates. How Much Is Too Much! by Jack Trebnio There are many notions as to acceptable levels of nitrates. In fish only aquariums with large predatory fish, reports of 600-ppm levels at public aquariums without noticeable consequences seem acceptable. Things change very quickly when we start looking at delicate species such as butterflies, fairy wrasses, […]

Product Review: AquaLife Complete

Product Review: AquaLife Complete Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems Treating water to condition it for fish is extremely important, and AquaLife Complete, produced by Aquarium Life Support Systems, is an excellent way to make your tap water immediately suitable for fish. Over the past few years, public water suppliers – the folks who make the […]

Components for a Low Maintenance Garden Pond

Components for a Low Maintenance Garden Pond by Chris Deer Many of you may be considering putting a garden pond or koi pond in your yard. The biggest mistake someone considering a garden pond makes is improper planning. A water garden, just like a landscape, requires some thinking and planning before making a purchase. Where […]