Product Review: AquaLife Complete

Product Review:

AquaLife Complete

Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems

Treating water to condition it for fish is extremely important, and AquaLife Complete, produced by Aquarium Life Support Systems, is an excellent way to make your tap water immediately suitable for fish. Over the past few years, public water suppliers – the folks who make the water that comes out of your tap, unless you have your own well – have taken to adding all sorts of chemicals to our every-day water supply.

The goal of these chemical additives is to make the water safe for people to drink. Water that is safe for us can be harmful to our fish, because it usually contains chlorine and chloramines and often heavy metals. AquaLife Complete neutralizes these chemicals, as well as conditions the water for fish in other ways.

To test AquaLife Complete, I filled one of the 40-gallon breeder tanks in my fish room with straight tap water. I measured for chlorine (total and free, which measures chloramines), and I found significant amounts of both in my water – actually, a sniff told me this. I added the specified amount of AquaLife Complete to the tank and let the sponge filter move the water around for a few minutes.

I tested it again, and there was no reading for either total or free chlorine, which meant that there were no chloramines either. I immediately put eight good-sized gold-fan goldfish into the tank. The goldfish were fine and took food. Three days later, they were still fine.

I use AquaLife Complete in my small wholesale fish business, and every time I set up new aquariums for fish, which I do at least once a week, I add AquaLife Complete. Also, since the chemicals in my local water supply vary (I live in a little town at the end of a mile-long causeway), I like to use it regularly when I perform weekly water changes.

Review taken from: Lass, David. “In the Fish Room.” Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. May 2008: 128.

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