Aquarium Life Support Systems Introduces New Product Lines


Well known trickle filter manufacturer and global wholesaler, Aquarium Life Support Systems™, is launching three new product lines under the names AquaLife Complete™, AquaLife DeChlor™, and AquaLife Select™. AquaLife Complete™ is shipping to dealers now. AquaLife DeChlor™ and AquaLife Select™ will debut mid-summer. The AquaLife™ product line adds a new dimension to the care and health of captive aquatic species.

Aquarium Life Support Systems™ spokesman and National Director of Sales, Ray Alexander, is pleased with the response from dealers. “These new lines have been carefully researched and manufactured and deliver the quality and results that today’s hobbyists demand. Gone are the days when a hobbyist would buy anything in a bottle for his aquarium or pond. Today’s hobbyist has a serious commitment to keeping his livestock healthy and demands the best. We’ve met that challenge with the AquaLife™ brand. Aquarium Life Support Systems™ stands proudly behind AquaLife™ brand.

AquaLife Complete™ Water Conditioner not simply a dechlorinator. This all-in-one product is specially formulated to remove chloramines and ammonia, detoxify nitrate and heavy metals and is enhanced with essential electrolytes. AquaLife Complete™ further promotes healing, relieves stress, and replaces slime coat for both freshwater and saltwater species. The advantage to the consumer is the “all-in-one” convenience and savings of AquaLife Complete™. One dose of AquaLife Complete™ treats twice the volume of aquarium or pond water as other conditioning products. Most other water conditioners remove only .06-.07ppm chlorine while AquaLife Complete™ removes 3.2ppm per dose, making it a far more economical than other leading brands. AquaLife Complete™ Water Conditioner is available in bulk quantities as well as 4- and 16-oz sizes.

For more information about AquaLife Complete™, visit Visit for the complete line of Aquarium Life Support Systems products.

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